7 thoughts on “Paradise Haiku

  1. Hariod Brawn

    This reminds me of what the Buddha is reputed to have said as regards those who criticise other’s religious beliefs (I paraphrase):

    “Those who spit at heaven succeed only in having spittle fall upon their face”

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  2. John Dougill

    Here in Japan snakes are worshipped as an ancient symbol of regeneration. The mocking snake above is a biblical allusion, but is the snake acting as a symbol of truth or the deceptive evil creature as demonised in Christianity? The word ‘dare’ in the first line prompts a pagan reading of the verse…

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    1. J

      I was busy flip-flopping this haiku, too — don’t dare listen to whom? is the snake doing the mocking — or is a false vision of “paradise” doing the mocking? Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

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    2. jhanagan2014 Post author

      Thank you, John. I agree totally with your comments, as well as Jen’s below. I am in fact writing a follow-up post to unpack the irony and underscore the cultural differences. This is such fun!



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