The host of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai explains this week’s prompt in this way:

Tan Renga is a short chained poem of two stanzas written by two poets. It looks very similar with Tanka, but Tanka is written by one poet. As you maybe know Tanka (a five-lined poem) follows the classical syllbles count 5-7-5-7-7. This same syllables count is used for Tan Renga, but there is one little difference: after the first three lines (5-7-5) there is a white line and than follows the second two-lined stanza (7-7).  The goal is to write the second stanza of this Tan Renga and make it complete or continue the image by association on themes in the first stanza

This week I have chosen a haiku written by Björn Rudberg of Brudberg’s Writings. He wrote this haiku in response on our first prompt of December “accepting the finite”. I think with this haiku he paints a great image in which the essence of that prompt is caught. Here is our first stanza of our 62nd Tan Renga Challenge:

tempting waves –
the old boat still needs
a little rest

© Björn Rudberg

And so, here is my offering:


tempting waves

the old boat still needs 

a little rest

the nubble bell faintly calls

maybe I’ll go tomorrow

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