16 thoughts on “Starry Night Haiku

  1. girl friday

    ‘locked’ is the operative word. I used to think that the wildness of the paint would release his tortured mind for a spell. I don’t think so any longer. Tragic. Well expressed.

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  2. Cheryl-Lynn

    I am so pleased I found you in a comment at my place. Not having caught up in many CP’s haiku. This is simply beautiful!And that word does not do it justice. You describe a brilliant artist still allowing the light to come in despite his pain and suffering. May I reblog this to my Stigmahurtseveryone blog?


  3. Mary Kendall

    His cell in Saint-Remy wasn’t locked. It had barred windows and he was kept in initially but he was allowed to roam and paint in the lovely gardens. The doctors and nuns were quite compassionate. It’s a nice place to visit. Nonetheless, I love your haiku. His prison was life.

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    1. jhanagan2014 Post author

      Thank you so much, Mary, for this lovely emendation. I am so happy to learn that Vincent was treated with gentle compassion. I will have to visit Saint-Remy some day. In the meantime, I am going to alter the haiku a bit to come closer to the facts.

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      1. Mary Kendall

        Oh please don’t alter it. It’s perfect. And initially when he was suicidal, he was kept close watch over. Locks and barred windows are metaphors for his self-imprisonment. Please don’t change a word. Please.

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