5 thoughts on “Bamboo Haiga

  1. girl friday

    this is gorgeous, but also rather unsettling, as just an hour ago I wrote my haiku for the meadow:[not yet published]
    sacred outlook
    in a meadowful of grass
    sways an orchid

    I know they are very different but also very similar. And I have never read a haiku starting with ‘sacred’ before. I’m getting very suspicious of coincidences these days.
    Anyways, that grace note is a gem.

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  2. girl friday

    Hasten to add that I’m not thinking of plagiarism – nothing could be further from my mind. No. Simply the vast number of coincidences plagueing my life at the minute 🙂


  3. juliemontinieri

    “Like” is an insufficient response. Fb needs a “Love” response option! These precise compositions capture the essence of a thing. So much distilled into a few succinct syllables. Beautiful. Reflecting your beautiful soul.



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