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The Poet and the Philosopher are kindred spirits, since both are inspired by wonder–Thomas Aquinas

Philosophy begins in wonder.  And, at the end, when philosophic thought has done it best, the wonder remains–Alfred North Whitehead

He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed–Albert Einstein

Even after forty years of teaching Philosophy, my mind is still filled with wonder.   I have found that blogging is a way of meeting and dialoguing with kindred souls who are also wondering about the magnificent mystery we call Life.  Dialogue literally means “to think things through together,” and to me, thinking is more than mental exercise.  It entails imagination, poetic dreams, and giving attention to the gifts of experience.  The relationship between “thinking” and “thanking” is no accident, as Heidegger points out.  And so I write my tentative ideas with a sense of gratitude to all those past and present seekers who have longed to understand life’s mystery and done their best to express the inexpressible.

Violence and war, suffering and poverty, seem inevitable, but by following the inspiration of visionary women and men down through the ages and through lively conversations with friends about things that really matter, I believe that we have the opportunity to create more ample and generous templates that frame an increasingly kind and compassionate world.

4 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. jhanagan2014 Post author

    Thank you, Meg, and welcome. I spent some delightful moments with your lovely blog as well. I am new at this stuff, and it is such a joy to meet so many like-minded and like-hearted people.


  2. iantimothy1

    I looked at you blog because you liked one of my postings – And my goodness I entered a world of kindness. There can be no doubt your words are effective ‘awakenings’ of the soul of any reader who is fortunate enough to discover your site, and I thank you for the sublime pleasure I feel whilst reading them. I’m sure whoever has been fortunate to be guided by you as a teacher will have travelled their personal journey as an observer of certain spiritual truths.


    1. jhanagan2014 Post author

      Your kind words touch my heart, Ian Timothy. I have already been checking Scrivener–and I love the rhythms of your writing. It is a surprise and a delight to meet so many fellow travelers in the blogosphere. May we always “Let the Beauty we love be what we do.”



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