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That Haiku Frog Again!


From carpe diem haiku kai:

And this is our prompt: a frog jumps in which refers to that famous haiku by Basho:

the old pond

a frog jumps into it

the sound of water

(C) Basho (tr. Chèvrefeuille)

Maybe you can remember our Kamishibai Extreme challenge (2014-November). In which I challenged you to write a haibun (prose and haiku) on a given prompt with only 55 words (including the haiku). For this Time Glass episode I will challenge you again to write a haibun, with only 75 words, including the haiku, in just 24 hours.

Basho’s poem is probably the most famous ever written.  Everyone I met in japan knew this as well as his own address: furu ike ya, kawazu tobikomu, mizu no oto.   For such a perfect poem, it seems surprising that everyone is tempted to play with it .  My favorite was written by Ryokan (1785-1831): ata ike ya, kawazu tobikomu, oto no nashi: new pond, a frog jumps in, not a sound. And so I join the chorus of celebration:

such a noisy frog!

plopping into Basho’s pond

for five hundred years