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Cloud Haiku

The prompt this morning on carpe diem haiku kai is Clouds.  As luck would have it, the beautiful sight in the above photo greeted us as we left our apartment this morning in Nerja, Spain.   It gave birth to this timeless moment:

lowering rain clouds

silver path across the sea

eternal longing


Rafael Alberti

Alberti is another Andalucian poet honored in the park in central Seville. As you can see, he is quite modern, living from 1902 until 1990. He began his career as a painter, but turned more and more to capturing the beauty of art in his poetry. Here he playfully brings a painters eye to the life of colors. I find his whimsy delightful, and hope you do too. Here is my reading:
BLUE. How many blues did the Mediterranean give?

RED. Like the fleeting hue of a Poppy.

Yellow. I am afraid of blue because it turns me green.

Green. I am always known by another name: Spring.

BLACK. It turned its back to the light, and darkness was born.

WHITE. Sea spray, galloping in the breeze.

Traveling with Carolyn


Starting Monday, October 20, 2014, Carolyn and I will be spending two months in Spain, and in the Spring of 2015, two months in Italy. We hope to share the sensuality of these lovely countries, and the joy of the human connections we make along the way..

Our love of travel was nurtured by our careers as university professors, since we were able to attend many international conferences. The years we spent based in Japan also allowed easy access to the Orient. Over the years we have visited 25 countries, and we continue to dream of distant horizons.

We find travel intensified living. New colors, sounds, smells, quality of light, language, and customs are continually fascinating. We therefore travel primarily to drink in the rich textures of our planet, and to interact with the people who inhabit it. Of course, that doesn’t rule out enjoying the unique tastes of each country, and we spend a good amount of time wandering the streets, reading menus, and chatting with the folks who cross our path.

We also feel that language is the key to people’s hearts, so we do our best to learn at least a few words of our host country’s language. We have a good working knowledge of Spanish, Japanese, French, and Italian, and continue to spend part of each trip studying at language schools. This is a great way to travel, since it allows us to practice the skills of communicating, and also to feel a part of the place beyond simple tourism. It is amazing how the faces of people soften when we say “Somos estudiantes de la escula de idiomas aquí  (We are students in the language school here.)”

During the next few weeks, I will be posting from Madrid, Sevilla, and Nerja, a small coastal town in Andalusia.  I hope to share some of the flavor of those places and the people who live in them.

Hasta pronto…