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Violets Troiku

On Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, the play for the day is to create a Troiku. ┬áThis, as the host explains, is “a kind of creativity with haiku … in short you have to use every line of the haiku (three in total) as the starting line for a new haiku. The Troiku is created as you have written three new haiku. I love to challenge you, but remember it’s not an obligation, to turn the given haiku by Richard Wright into a Troiku.” ┬áHere is the original haiku of Richard Wright:


I give permission

For this slow spring rain to soak

The violet beds.

and here is my contribution:

I give permission

to the stirrings of my heart

to pour into life

for this slow Spring rain to soak

into Gaia’s melting heart

nascent flowers wait

the violet beds

heralds of early morning

nature’s reveille